1. bring [something] into existence

Photo by Shack, GoodPals.

Photo by Shack, GoodPals.


Unlike many other production companies, Create Proper is artist driven; building partnerships to nurture an artistic idea as only a fellow artist could. The company's founder, Jaye Prime, understands the importance of staying true to your art while also knowing the pain of the miscommunication that can rise between creators and consumers. Prime takes time to identify the goal of the creator--assuring that all partnerships are genuine + based on a shared standard/belief. She then bridges the gap between the intended meaning of the art + executing it's completion/presentation to it's targeted audience. This bridge is built by walking each creator step by step through The C.O.D.E, Create Proper's four-step process of creating / completing a project -- be it a full length album, extended play, poetry tape, etc. All of this, plus utilizing an ever-growing network, skills + personal artistic abilities, Prime partners with creators to make something that will always serve as a step in the proper direction.


Out of a desperate need to organize her own artistry + business, Prime began creating systems to complete projects. This began as a small + simple approach--applying to single songs + covers. However, feeling the ease of having a plan, this quickly grew into a standard for larger works for her. As a Full Sail University graduate, Prime Holds a B.S in Recording Arts + M.S in Entertainment Business. She utilizes her education in combination with every day experiences as an artist to build a system that appeals to both her artist + business side. "You're going to create no matter what. But, once you decide to share, that's business" says Prime. So, with that belief, Create Proper was started to help artists like herself identify the importance of balancing the "business" with the "art" + doing so properly.