by jaye prime


A message from prime:


Over time I've adjusted my scope -- I've made the necessary changes to adjust my goals to my circumstances. However, in that same amount of time, I've always maintained a constant. I've always had one thing that made me feel grounded when my world has felt as though it as fallen apart ten times over. That is music. Listening or dancing to, critiquing, searching for, reciting...creating music. In a world where so many long to find a purpose; where so many struggle to see the light due the darkness that seems inevitable at times--I am able to wake up because at least I have music.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to do something that could potentially change my life. Something that could make my life's love the circumstance that I've been adjusting to. This opportunity, while great in chance, is just that...chance. There is no guaranteed outcome or answer. But I have nothing that makes me happier + if I'm going to take a chance, why not be for my happiness?

As with most things in the music industry, I'm not able to disclose the exact opportunity. I can only share that it is an audition.  This audition is out of state so it requires me to transport my four-piece band + I, along with all of our equipment to Chicago for two days. So I'm throwing a private show to help as a fundraiser. All of the money raised will help pay for a van rental, a place to stay, as well as another month's payment of rehearsal space to get ready for.

The private show will be a full performance by my band + I. I have sat to help sculpt the most positive environment I know how in order to give a show that properly reflects the work I have been putting in my music.