Photos by Edmon E. Hogan

'Chénges' - Ché

June 2017

Create Proper stood as guide for executing an idea Ché had already been developing in partnership with producer, ALI. Keys. This project required a stripping down of Ché's artistry to elements that were only a necessity -- ultimately allowing her to shine via two of her strongest attributes: raw originality and progressive writing. The team behind Chénges took that + all worked to develop an innovative sound for Ché's catalog.

'CHÉNGES' is now available on all online streaming services + stores.


Services provided: 

Executive Production • Vocal production + Arrangement • Audio Engineering



'FACING' - Jaye Prime

APRIL 2017

Naturally working from a more personal perspective -- 'FACING' EP stands as the first official Create Proper production. Identifying her own interest with themed projects, Prime committed to having all work + contributions for this EP be done with a standard circumstance [being extremely high].  Embracing elements from her live performance setup into her studio artistry, Prime was able to tap into a different section of her craft. 'FACING' was completed as a necessary stepping stone for Prime with hopes to open up her range for future projects. 

'FACING' is now available on all streaming services + stores.

all available services were used on this project