The session

It's been a year since the premiere of a new, refreshed Jaye Prime -- a change of vocal delivery, production style + confidence made it's debut with FACING on 4/20 of 2017. With the time that has passed, Prime has taken a good amount of it building from the foundation FACING set.

As a celebration for the statement making project, Prime is taking two days to pull you into the rhyme + reason behind it all. Day one will consist of an intimate dinner -- a beautifully executed three course meal served family style. The night of the dinner will include a personal + extremely open conversation for how Prime maneuvered through her change as an artist. The dinner table will serve as a place to ask questions that guests may have, as well as a never before shared perspective of her creative process + how all of her music is truly connected. Prime will be sharing new music as well as creating a personalized, one of a kind keepsake for each guest. 

Day two will be a well constructed show done with some great friends -- Prime + her band PPT will be performing some of the new music played at the dinner, favorites from old projects + even classics from other artists. The show will be at a secret location. Everyone that purchases ticket to the dinner will be added to Prime's personal guest list for the show.